Functions of Propylene Glycol into Food industry

Issuing time:2023-09-30 09:13

PG can works as an anticaking agent, helping to prevent lumps from forming in food.

It also works as solvent in food flavorings, helping to dissolve and mix ingredients in them.

Works as dough strengthener &   A food thickener.

Works as preservative, its antimicrobial properties help to kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and mold.

The most important character is retain moisturing.

Propylene glycol is safe for consumption, and the FDA approves its use in food at certain concentrations. It may form up to 97% of the contents of seasonings and flavorings, 24% of confections and frosting, and 5% of alcoholic beverages and nuts/nut products.

The maximum concentrations of propylene glycol are 2.5% for dairy products and 2% for all other food products.2